Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A bit of Irony

So ... those of you that have been following the saga know that it's been trying, trying to get Jessie excited about the bottle. I've been really stressed with Jessie starting school and needing to take a bottle. Well, when I spoke with her teacher at school today she told me " I switched to a different bottle and it worked great, she took 4 oz (compared to the struggle before of getting her to take 1.5 oz)" Here comes the irony... The bottle she did "great" with is the avent bottle, the same one I have a bunch of at home because that was the bottle Jamie had. I've been running around buying all these premium bisephonol -A free bottles and she like the very one that I already have at home. go figure.

Another thing that is funny, Jessie for some reason likes to nap listening to Celine Dion. (I'm not much of a fan) Jessie's teacher is sweet and made a cd just for Jessie to listen to for her naps. I can add that to the lengthening list of why I like this school.


Mama Bree said...

Excellent news!! I'm so glad to hear Jessie's doing better with a different bottle - go figure she likes the same exact one Jamie did! Ha!!

And, I'm glad you guys are also really liking the preschool. We LOVE them!! :)

Jennifer said...

Great news! It is all about what works, right! The preschool sounds awesome!