Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dr. visit- month 2

wow, these blogs are harder to keep up with than I thought. Jessie is sitting in the Bjorn as I type. She is tossing and turning a bit and I imagine it's time for her lunch. After I feed her I'll have 10-15 minutes of happy baby, which I'll either spend typing this or taking my shower. I'm so behind on e-mails and everyone's blog. When I get back to work I'm going to get a chance to see what has been going on for the past few months.

Ok, about the dr. visit... well we didn't get to see our dr. this time : ( we saw the NP. Jessie weighed in at 12 lbs 11 oz with a height of 23 and 1/4 inches. This puts her at 90% for both. I think we are sliding down the scale a bit from the 90-95 percentile. Anyway, it's good just to have a healthy baby whatever the size. The only thing is she was born in the spring and Jamie in the summer, since Jessie is bigger than Jamie was it's making it even harder to make the hand me downs from Jamie work since the seasons are off. So, I've had to buy some new clothes, darn.

Sorry, was I talking about a Dr. visit.. we had 4 vaccines and we didn't get our normal shot giving lady and I wasn't pleased with this other ladies technique. Jessie of course screamed her head off. To my surprise Jamie hid on the other side of the room. Jamie handles her shots better than anyone but she can't bare to watch her sister get them. We seemed to have no side effects from the shots, so that's good. The NP joked that Jessie is in her fourth trimester since she still needs to be held so much. What can I say I tend to have kids that need to be held and walked. could be worse, but sometimes I think it would be cool to have a kid just content to be sitting on my lap.

Jamie started her summer program at school yesterday, which is good. Though, she gets home earlier and we have to come up with things to do. This isn't so easy. Well, I think we will survive the summer, hopefully. I will try to get some pictures added.