Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Smartie Pants

Is it to soon for my kid to be surpassing my knowledge? ; ) I think I really underestimate Jamie sometimes. Maybe I already mentioned this one, but awhile ago Jamie and I where looking at a toy she got. It was a toy of Amelia Earhart. I was trying to explain to Jamie who she was. I started saying she was the first women to .... stalling to make sure I get my facts right. Jamie then says, she was the first women to fly solo across the Atlantic. (my reply) Right, what you said. Well, just the other day Jamie and I where looking at the different state quarters and we're looking at Mt. Rushmore. I'm trying to think how to explain it. Jamie then says, oh, I know these presidents. These are the presidents that the artist Borglum carved in to the mountain. (my reply) Uhhh.. right, what you said, and this is just Kindergarten, no telling how she will school me in first grade.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Every once in awhile I hear utterances from Jessie that sound a lot like specific words. She seems so close to talking, but she won't do it on command, only when she feels like it. She loves signing too, you can tell when she is signing row row your boat, you can tell when she is signing her ABCs and this morning I heard her sing ee-I-ee-I-oh. Anyway.. I'm never sure where she is going with her language, she seems to have a lot to say about something. However, this morning she used a word on purpose to communicate with me, which made me very excited! We where in the kitchen this morning and I was packing up lunches for the day, Jessie came over to me and reached to be lifted up. I picked her up and she asked banana? It was so clear.. I expected it to come out nana..but she asked banana? I asked her, do you want a banana? She nodded yes vigorously. Sadly, we had just run out. It was really neat though for me to have a 2 sided communication with her. I guess I'm easy to impress ; )

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We have a new Dentist!

I was taking Jamie to a pediatric dentist that I loved, but I had to let him go because he wasn't in network with Jeff's insurance. It took me about a year but I finnaly found a pediatric dentist that is on our plan. Yesterday was our first appointment with him. He is great! He is so very nice and really took time with us and asked us lots of questions to get a picture of our lives. Jamie left happy (which she doesn't usually deal well with dentist appointment). No cavities, yeah! Jamie even brushed and flossed last night and this morning with no complaints (for the first time ever) (usually I have to hog tie her).

Jessie had her first dentist appointment. She was not so excited but it was good. I learned that she is not predisposed to having cavities. Some kids can have up to 8 by the time they are 2, if they have this issue.

I also learned that Jamie's adult teeth are coming from the side instead of from below (kind of like a shark) so she made need help getting her teeth out once they become loose. Kind of strange, huh?

Anyway... I highly recommend him!! Yahya H Radwan DDS INC

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cute (isms)

Yesterday Jessie and I ran some errands in Target. Jessie sat in the front of the cart and I handed her the items and she threw them in to the basket of the cart. It was very cute and we exchanged high fives after each item.

I had a couple of items... mommy brain has set in and I can't remember at the moment. I'll add more when I remember.

On a side note... Jessie is mimicking more word sounds, she will be talking in no time.

Officially Walking!

I think I can say now that Jessie is officially walking. For the past few weeks she has been able to take a couple steps, but nowwww, she walks all day. She is so proud of herself and of course she is impossible to hold because she wants to go down and walk. I'm trying to get her used to shoes because most place aren't very good for bare little feet. I can tell though, that switching her back and forth between shoes and bare feet throws her off a little. I'm sure she will get it in no time. Sometimes she holds her hand out for you to hold her hand it's cute, but she does it because she can walk faster that way. Not so cute.. sometimes she doesn't want to walk the direction you want her too and she throws a big fit about it.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Little Organizer

Lately I've been quite tickled with Jessie's sense of organization. For example, yesterday she pulled some items off the entertainment center. I figured her only intention was to throw them off the entertainment center. However, I gave her a second and she placed them all back in a neat little row. On other occasions she takes out leggos from the box just for the joy of putting them away. Jessie went in to Jamie's room and put all the blocks away that Jamie had laying around. I feel like tying an apron to her and handing her a broom and dust pan (just kidding). It's not just cleaning up though, you can tell that she is trying to group things. She picks up a crayon in Jamie's room and she looks to grab more of the same and she just stands there with a handful of crayons. This morning, I had one of her nail clippers sitting on the diaper changing dresser, she noticed a second one had fallen off (some time ago) and she picks it up and placed it with the one that was sitting on top. I showed how pleased I was and she seemed quite pleased too. I hope it lasts (but not in an OCD way or anything). I think Jamie went through a phase like that.