Monday, April 26, 2010

Jessie turns 2!

Jessie turned 2 on April 17th, 2010.

We celebrated her Birthday with some friends at the little gym. I think she enjoyed running around with her friends. My friends were nice enough to snap some pictures. Here is a link to Jennifer's Nathan's will be coming soon

Jessie is talking a bunch these days. She is becoming quite a communicator. She sometimes acts like a 2 yr old, but for the most part she is very sweet. Jessie adores her sister, she follows her around and mimics what her big sister is doing. She always makes sure that Jamie has what she has, she's very giving.

We adore her more everyday. Happy Birthday Jessie!

Monday, April 5, 2010

That's my big girl!

Jamie has a great spirit for adventure. I love that about her. This weekend our friend Nathan treated us to jumping and indoor sky diving for his Birthday. Kids where invited and I knew Jamie would love it. Jamie had a great time, we all did.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's Spring!

Jessie's first haircut!

Season of pleasant weather, pretty blooms.. and allergies. I am so far behind on this blog it's not even funny. I think part of the reason is I feel like I need to have pictures to go along with the story.. so if I don't have pictures than I tend not to post. It is my spring time resolution to get more pictures!

The kids and what they've been up to.. Jamie: Jamie is a ball full of energy as always. School is going well, she has lots of friends and evidently has displayed a lot of leadership skills (that's good and bad). We have been working on math flash cards because it all goes so fast it's hard to keep up (especially since mom and daughter are pretty tired by end of day). Yesterday Jamie came home with sheets of multiplication flash cards.. My mouth dropped.. we're in first grade.. will we be learning calculus next year? ( I shouldn't joke, they just might). Anyway.. Jamie feels like it might be time to take a break from soccer in favor of an art class. I guess I'll let her make that call. Jamie also does Yoga and loves it! We recently passed a the next level in swim class and we are now working on back stoke, exciting! Jamie is approaching 7 this Summer and is getting taller. She is a great big sister (90% of the time)

This winter Jamie put on skis for the first time. No Fear! Her ski instructor was such a cool guy and quickly acclimated to the spirit of Jamie. He was able to recognize that you can't control her but you can steer her. She is a great little skier and has no qualms about hitting the blue diamond slopes. (There is still much to learn though)

Jessie: Jessie of course is not a thing like her sister. Though, she just adores her sister and looks for her and wants to be around her often. Jessie is a little mama. Jessie is always telling Jamie not to forget her backpack, sit down and eat, sit down and let me brush your hair, go to bed.. etc. It cracks us up. She asks Jamie if she would like a drink and hands her things she knows she would like. She is super sweet. Her talking has just taken off.. I can't believe all the things she says (more on that for her 2 yr post). Jessie is a happy independent little kid. She does way more things for her self than Jamie ever cared to. She eats with silverware no problem, handles a regular cup with ease, and says please and thank you for everything (like I said.. not at all like her sister ; )

more pictures coming soon... (ish)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lil' Sharkie

Well, I don't know if anyone remembers my post from July, but in one of them I talked about seeing the dentist. Jamie's dentist warned me that the way her teeth where growing in, they wouldn't necessarily push the baby teeth out of the way. (kind of like a shark) A couple of days ago Jamie says "look mom, I have a tooth coming in". I look in her mouth and sure enough.. there is her adult tooth parked behind the baby, with no wiggly baby teeth in sight. (big sigh for me)
So, last night we go to see the dentist and he confirms the baby tooth isn't going to come out on its own. I asked Jamie if she's ready for the tooth fairy to pay a visit and she nods. So with a little Nitrous Oxide and Novocaine.. out came Jamie's baby tooth. She was completely un-traumatized and happy to have her tooth out to look at.
I was sad for a moment that Jamie would miss the right of passage for kids to have wiggly teeth.. but we still have many more teeth to go, so hopefully the rest will do what they are supposed to.
P.S the tooth fairy came and she was pretty happy about it

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jessie turns 18 months

Last Saturday (the 17th) Jessie turned 18 months. Not really sure what to say about it.. it's hard to see the changes when you see her everyday. She had her Dr. appointment. I don't have the data (Jeff took her) but she was 75-90 for height, 50 for weight and I think 50 for head. I think that's pretty standard for her, though I think she's a little tall on this round.

I think she has a couple more hairs on her head... but we still have a long way to go.

Talking? Everyday she knows a new word and chooses more and more to use words instead of grunts. I think it's really going to pick up pace now. She talks incessantly in what sounds like Chinese. It's kind of cute. Though, I'm sure when I have Jamie and her talking at me non stop, it may not be so cute.

Monday, September 28, 2009

some captured momments

Jamie reading to Jessie.

When all you have is your phone..... Jessie was cracking me up running around with a chicken in her mouth.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Long Weekend

Well, our weekend was action packed. I'm pretty sure they all are and I usually don't bother to blog about it, but today I will. Ok, so I'm not going to go over every detail of who I hung out with or where I ate but I'll hit some highlights.

Saturday Jamie had a play date at our house. I think it went ok, we took them too the park when I thought they could use some get out of the house time. Jamie wowed me on the monkey bars. It wasn't that long ago that she couldn't do it all and now she is quite good.

Sunday we took the kids to Vasona park to ride the train. Both kids enjoyed themselves. I don't think Jessie really understood she was on a train, but she is always up for a ride outside.

While we where at vasona it reminded me how much I enjoyed our bike rides through the park, which inspired me... So, while Jessie napped I took Jamie shopping for a ride a long bike. It is a bike for kids that attaches to the parent bike. Jamie loved it (to my surprise). I feel more comfortable with Jeff riding the parent bike, but it fits best on mine. hmm..

When we where at the bike shop we happened to be next to the dive shop so we stopped in. We wanted to get Jamie snorkel gear for our upcoming trip over winter break, so we picked some up. Later that day we all went to swim at my moms so Jamie could try out her snorkel gear. It couldn't have gone much better. She had a lot of fun and wasn't at all detoured when she would swallow some water. Every time we swim at my mom's she gets much more comfortable with the pool. She's doing a great job swimming everywhere.

Monday the girls and I took the training wheel off of Jamie's bike. For some reason Jessie was pretty insistent that she take part in this (see picture below). I also took the pedals off her bike. The whole ordeal of teaching Jamie how to ride a bike seemed overwhelming. Especially when she hasn't ridden it that much. So, I figure I'd lower the seat, take the pedals off and let her push herself a long and practice balancing. I think it was a good idea. After she seems to have gotten that down, I'll put back on the pedals and give that a try.

The weekend was busy as always, didn't even get to the laundry...

p.s Happy Anniversary Jeffrey! 8 years....