Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Alex (my nephew) comes for a visit

10 Months Today!

Jessie is 10 months today. Time is flying. 2more months till her first Birthday. I think if there was one phrase that would some up turning 10 months today, and that would be "I think we are going to need baby proof the tv center". Before, Jessie would crawl to the closet toy, sit and play. Now... you set her down and she is off and running (well, crawling). She is especially fascinated with the tv center, with all it's flashing lights. I sat her down this morning to play with her toys, (and she was playing with them). I ran quickly to the car to get it started and when I came back in she was smiling and taking dvds out. I should get a picture of that. Anyway, I'm not sure what else has changed. She loves eating finger foods and doesn't want to eat the jars anymore. So far she will eat anything and like my moms soups. She didn't seem to like the bite of potato I gave her yesterday, she made quite a face. I'm sure the changes will be coming fast over the next few months.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's Photo

Well, I still haven't gotten the pictures off of Jeff's camera (whew behind on that) but, I have a few valentine's photos for you.

Monday, February 2, 2009

ER visit

Well, Jeff was not gone even a whole day (he left for Japan) and we already managed to squeeze a trip in to the ER. Though, it was mostly a trip to the ER because it was Sunday and our doc office was not open. (I hate the ER). Anyway, I digress. Jamie and I where at the playground and she was trying her hand at the monkey bars. She jumped down and upon the recoil somehow managed to bang her knee in to her chin. She doesn't cry but lets me know that she hurt herself and of course she has blood dribbling down the side of her mouth. I'm pretty calm because we go through a lot of injuries at our house. Though, when she stuck her tongue out I felt pretty sick to see her tongue. (sorry to be gross) On the side of her tongue there was a flap on tongue in which you could see blood coming out of a whole in her tongue. I call my mom (of course) and she isn't home (and not good with a cell phone). I talk to the neighbor who kind of shrugs it off. I came to understand later that when the flap lays down it doesn't look so bad. So, I go about our day but decide it's to gross not to at least call the advice line. They heard the word flap and we where on our way to the ER. When she was being looked at the doc to a look at her tongue (flap down) and said oh, we're not going to do anything. Then she stuck her tongue out one more time (flap up) and I see the look of repulsion on the doctors face. She said, ok, I get it now. She decided stitches would be worse, so we went home with a bottle of antibiotics. Now I have more limitations on a child that was already hard to feed. p.s she hates the medicine and spit it all out last night. The good news though, it does appear to be on the mend. Bad news, we have to finish a week of antibiotics.

quick note

This is kind of a follow up to Jamie's hair cut. Once her hair settled in to it's usual Jamie way, it was worse than I had realized. Oh well, it is what it is.