Monday, April 26, 2010

Jessie turns 2!

Jessie turned 2 on April 17th, 2010.

We celebrated her Birthday with some friends at the little gym. I think she enjoyed running around with her friends. My friends were nice enough to snap some pictures. Here is a link to Jennifer's Nathan's will be coming soon

Jessie is talking a bunch these days. She is becoming quite a communicator. She sometimes acts like a 2 yr old, but for the most part she is very sweet. Jessie adores her sister, she follows her around and mimics what her big sister is doing. She always makes sure that Jamie has what she has, she's very giving.

We adore her more everyday. Happy Birthday Jessie!

Monday, April 5, 2010

That's my big girl!

Jamie has a great spirit for adventure. I love that about her. This weekend our friend Nathan treated us to jumping and indoor sky diving for his Birthday. Kids where invited and I knew Jamie would love it. Jamie had a great time, we all did.