Friday, January 30, 2009

You did what?

So, last night I'm getting Jessie ready for bed when Jamie comes in to the room. I'm not surprised to see her because no matter how many times I've tried to explain that I would prefer not to excite Jessie before sleep she still comes in to play goochy goo with her sister. However, this time was different. Jamie was standing there holding her forehead with a look of .. I don't know how to explain it (though I recognize the face) maybe fear describes it best. I ask her, are you hurt, did you bonk your head? She shakes her head no. I then ask (somehow already knowing the answer), did you cut your bangs? She nods yes. I take a deep breath and tell her I'll meet her in her room. I hand off the baby to Jeff because I need to be able to wrap my head around what could be a disaster. I go to her room and ask to see the damage. She shows me. I'm relieved, because it could have been worse. In fact I think I've seen women pay to have their hair dresser give this uneven look. I think unless you where looking her in the face you probably wouldn't even notice. I feel like she knows she screwed up (and I've done it before myself) so I avoided the screaming. Though she lost all scissor privileges (which she typically uses for her art projects). Jeff of course had a fit. I suppose it's right to have one, though I'm remembering all the trouble he caused his parents. Maybe he did too, because he calmed down pretty quick.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

and we're off and running

...ok, not so much running as it is crawling. Jessie started crawling last night. She has been showing signs for the past month that it could happen any day and that day was yesterday. She wasn't doing it at school yesterday, but when we got home in the evening I put her down and she crawled and continued to crawl all night as if it was something she always could do. Well, good for her, we a re very proud. Now we have to be even more careful. Also, since she started eating finger foods her pincher grasp and hand to mouth have gotten pretty good. When I was sitting with her this morning on the floor she managed to sneak a piece of tanbark in her mouth (that had fallen out of Jamie's shoe). I don't think she enjoyed me going in after it.

p.s we visited the Dr. office today for our 9 month check up. Jessie is 75-90% on everything. The doctor told me when she was little(er) that it's common to start off big and kind of level out. I guess that's what we are doing. We also had our vaccinations. Not a big fan (either one of us).

Friday, January 23, 2009

9 Months

Ok, so she turned 9 months last Saturday, but better late then not at all (in my opinion). It's hard for me to believe we are 3 months away from a one year old. It doesn't feel like it. When Jamie turned one she was just starting to walk and knew how to say at least 15 words (I think there was more that I was oblivious to). When I think about that we feel miles away from that with Jessie. Though, they are very different and Jessie will get to all things when she's good and ready.

So... on that note, what has Jessie been up too. Teeth is the first thing that comes to mind. The bottom two are in, the two fangs (I think they're called eye teeth or something) have broken through, but one of those you can just see a little bit of. One of the front teeth is coming through. Every day I can see more and more of it. These teeth seem to be popping up at record pace (again very different then Jamie).

Crawling! well sort of.. She gets around a small area by getting on all fours and then sitting. Every time she sits she is in a different spot and kind of gets around this way. She has taken a step or two in a traditional crawling position and then she flops on her belly. She has always loved to stand by holding on to things and yesterday she stayed standing even after letting go. It cracks me up that she seems to be trying to stand without holding anything. She has her legs standing straight but she can't figure out how to get the rest of her body pulled up (it looks like she is doing a downward dog (yoga) position). I imagine this is foreshadowing to eventually learning to walk.

Talking.. nope we're not there yet. She still says her standard Mama, Dada and Baba. Though, she does manage to keep her teachers amused with all the sounds she makes. It cracks me up too. Though, not that fond of the screaming at the top of her lungs in the car, especially when Jamie thinks it's funny and joins her.

She still loves the bath. When Jamie goes in she stands holding the tub, desperately trying to reach in and splash.

Eating. She is a great little eater. She will eat anything you let her. (thank goodness, not picky like her sister). Her favorite foods right now are garden vegetable (earths best) and.. well all the jars of veggies. She also likes canned green beans and mashed up bananas. The more solid, solids make me nervous but I'm working on it.

Lots of pictures coming soon...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas 08

Click on the link to see our pics from Christmas.
I didn't have time to describe the pictures, so if you don't know who the people are.. my kids should be obvious.. then there are Jeff's parents, his brother Chris, his sister Karen, her husband Fernando her little one Dylan and her step daughter Jazmine.
All the pictures where taken at Jeff's parents house in Kansas.