Wednesday, January 28, 2009

and we're off and running

...ok, not so much running as it is crawling. Jessie started crawling last night. She has been showing signs for the past month that it could happen any day and that day was yesterday. She wasn't doing it at school yesterday, but when we got home in the evening I put her down and she crawled and continued to crawl all night as if it was something she always could do. Well, good for her, we a re very proud. Now we have to be even more careful. Also, since she started eating finger foods her pincher grasp and hand to mouth have gotten pretty good. When I was sitting with her this morning on the floor she managed to sneak a piece of tanbark in her mouth (that had fallen out of Jamie's shoe). I don't think she enjoyed me going in after it.

p.s we visited the Dr. office today for our 9 month check up. Jessie is 75-90% on everything. The doctor told me when she was little(er) that it's common to start off big and kind of level out. I guess that's what we are doing. We also had our vaccinations. Not a big fan (either one of us).