Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Long Weekend

Well, our weekend was action packed. I'm pretty sure they all are and I usually don't bother to blog about it, but today I will. Ok, so I'm not going to go over every detail of who I hung out with or where I ate but I'll hit some highlights.

Saturday Jamie had a play date at our house. I think it went ok, we took them too the park when I thought they could use some get out of the house time. Jamie wowed me on the monkey bars. It wasn't that long ago that she couldn't do it all and now she is quite good.

Sunday we took the kids to Vasona park to ride the train. Both kids enjoyed themselves. I don't think Jessie really understood she was on a train, but she is always up for a ride outside.

While we where at vasona it reminded me how much I enjoyed our bike rides through the park, which inspired me... So, while Jessie napped I took Jamie shopping for a ride a long bike. It is a bike for kids that attaches to the parent bike. Jamie loved it (to my surprise). I feel more comfortable with Jeff riding the parent bike, but it fits best on mine. hmm..

When we where at the bike shop we happened to be next to the dive shop so we stopped in. We wanted to get Jamie snorkel gear for our upcoming trip over winter break, so we picked some up. Later that day we all went to swim at my moms so Jamie could try out her snorkel gear. It couldn't have gone much better. She had a lot of fun and wasn't at all detoured when she would swallow some water. Every time we swim at my mom's she gets much more comfortable with the pool. She's doing a great job swimming everywhere.

Monday the girls and I took the training wheel off of Jamie's bike. For some reason Jessie was pretty insistent that she take part in this (see picture below). I also took the pedals off her bike. The whole ordeal of teaching Jamie how to ride a bike seemed overwhelming. Especially when she hasn't ridden it that much. So, I figure I'd lower the seat, take the pedals off and let her push herself a long and practice balancing. I think it was a good idea. After she seems to have gotten that down, I'll put back on the pedals and give that a try.

The weekend was busy as always, didn't even get to the laundry...

p.s Happy Anniversary Jeffrey! 8 years....


Unknown said...

really soo cute baby

Unknown said...

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