Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lil' Sharkie

Well, I don't know if anyone remembers my post from July, but in one of them I talked about seeing the dentist. Jamie's dentist warned me that the way her teeth where growing in, they wouldn't necessarily push the baby teeth out of the way. (kind of like a shark) A couple of days ago Jamie says "look mom, I have a tooth coming in". I look in her mouth and sure enough.. there is her adult tooth parked behind the baby, with no wiggly baby teeth in sight. (big sigh for me)
So, last night we go to see the dentist and he confirms the baby tooth isn't going to come out on its own. I asked Jamie if she's ready for the tooth fairy to pay a visit and she nods. So with a little Nitrous Oxide and Novocaine.. out came Jamie's baby tooth. She was completely un-traumatized and happy to have her tooth out to look at.
I was sad for a moment that Jamie would miss the right of passage for kids to have wiggly teeth.. but we still have many more teeth to go, so hopefully the rest will do what they are supposed to.
P.S the tooth fairy came and she was pretty happy about it

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