Thursday, June 4, 2009

Little Organizer

Lately I've been quite tickled with Jessie's sense of organization. For example, yesterday she pulled some items off the entertainment center. I figured her only intention was to throw them off the entertainment center. However, I gave her a second and she placed them all back in a neat little row. On other occasions she takes out leggos from the box just for the joy of putting them away. Jessie went in to Jamie's room and put all the blocks away that Jamie had laying around. I feel like tying an apron to her and handing her a broom and dust pan (just kidding). It's not just cleaning up though, you can tell that she is trying to group things. She picks up a crayon in Jamie's room and she looks to grab more of the same and she just stands there with a handful of crayons. This morning, I had one of her nail clippers sitting on the diaper changing dresser, she noticed a second one had fallen off (some time ago) and she picks it up and placed it with the one that was sitting on top. I showed how pleased I was and she seemed quite pleased too. I hope it lasts (but not in an OCD way or anything). I think Jamie went through a phase like that.


Mama Bree said...

how cute!! I love it! and, it doesn't hurt that she's an organizer - that will be handy later in life I'm sure of it! ;-)

Unknown said...

It's all making sense...Daddy's girl is organized. You know the only reason I can imply that Jessie gets this from Jeff is b/c my organization skills are on par with yours ;-)