Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We have a new Dentist!

I was taking Jamie to a pediatric dentist that I loved, but I had to let him go because he wasn't in network with Jeff's insurance. It took me about a year but I finnaly found a pediatric dentist that is on our plan. Yesterday was our first appointment with him. He is great! He is so very nice and really took time with us and asked us lots of questions to get a picture of our lives. Jamie left happy (which she doesn't usually deal well with dentist appointment). No cavities, yeah! Jamie even brushed and flossed last night and this morning with no complaints (for the first time ever) (usually I have to hog tie her).

Jessie had her first dentist appointment. She was not so excited but it was good. I learned that she is not predisposed to having cavities. Some kids can have up to 8 by the time they are 2, if they have this issue.

I also learned that Jamie's adult teeth are coming from the side instead of from below (kind of like a shark) so she made need help getting her teeth out once they become loose. Kind of strange, huh?

Anyway... I highly recommend him!! Yahya H Radwan DDS INC

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