Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back to work!

I stared back to work yesterday, Jessie started her baby school, and Jamie started Kindergarten. It feels ok to be back at work, though we'll see when the work really get going. Jessie did well yesterday, she was very tired from her experience and we still have lots of work to do with the bottle. Jamie did well with school, she has a cute new uniform (need to get a picture of that) and sadly homework every night. Hmm... how will we fit that in.

Pictures are coming so stay tuned... I have a lot of pictures from a recent trip to Kansas and some new ones from the portrait studio. my goal is to have it up before the weekend.

Well.. wish us all luck.

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Mama Bree said...

YAY!! What a huge milestone for all the girls ;-)

Jessie's been doing really great at school. Too bad Logan's moving to a new class soon :( But, I can always still poke my head in to see her ;-)