Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sleep Blog Day 2

Last night we put Jessie down for night number 2 in her crib. I followed my same routine that I did the night before. Of course she fell asleep again while nursing, which I can't let her do (bummer). I put her down awake in her crib. She cried for an hour and 20 minutes. I don't know who was more upset, her or me. Jeff and I took turns going in to her room every 5 minutes, patting her and reassuring her, so she would know that we are still around. We kind of felt that things didn't go right on the first night. She fell asleep to quickly and didn't learn to soothe herself. The crying for over an hour is how I remember this process from last time. Poor baby, it was very hard.

I saved the good news for the last part because I'm so excited!!! When she did finally go to sleep, she slept the whole night!! I think if I did not have the mattress alarm I would have had a panic attack. There is a good chance that we will still have a couple of tough nights ahead of us and we may even have a night tonight that is worse, but.. I'm thinking in a week, she will have it down.


Jennifer said...

YEAH!!! That is fantastic news!!

Kim said...

Excellent news about her sleeping through the night. You now know she's capable. Hopefully you won't have to deal with any more marathon cry sessions, but even if you do know that she can sleep on her own and just try and get through it.

Mama Bree said...

That is WONDERFUL!! Congrats - I'm sure you feel a WHOLE lot better today than yesterday ;-) Maybe the moons were aligned, Logan had a MUCH better night last night as well. Yay for all night sleepers!! Let's hope the trend continues :)