Thursday, March 12, 2009

Late night

Jessie and I had a late night last night. She woke up at 10:50pm and couldn't go back to sleep. Jeff tried to help but I sent him to bed at 11:50pm. I tried being soothing, I tried playing and everything in between. She wasn't having it. She was kind of funny though. She pulled up using the tv and she just looked so little standing there. Every time I called her (she's not supposed to be at the tv) she came crawling to me, touched base and then turned around and crawled back to the tv. The highlight was she got in to this crazy loop of wanting to sing row row your boat. She would start swaying back and forth and singing ra ra (row row). I would ask her if she wants to do it again and she would shake her head yes. After a couple of times she was signing along with me, mostly using the the word da, but she had the tune right. I need to get that on video, it was super cute. She doesn't want wheels on the bus or patty cake, right now it's all about row row your boat. When she starts swaying back and forth the school is going to think she's lost her mind. Anyway.. she finally went down at 1:30am. Crazy baby. She is also so active in school they have been having a hard time this week getting her to nap. I'm not sure what she is going through.

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