Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Jessie turns 8 months today.

Jessie is 8 months today. So what is she like at 8 months... She is still a very happy baby. When she gets excited she flaps her arms up and down (which always makes me laugh). She always has lots to say (not as much as her sister). She says mama (I swear she knows how to use it) she says dadada, bababa and my favorite ohhhh and oooohh. She plays very well by herself. Though, there are the moments where I can't so much as touch her toe to the ground or she stars crying. She wraps her arms around my arm as if to say.. don't leave me. It's so sad. If I'm not with her but she sees me in the room.. get ready for the tears. This can make getting ready in the morning tough.

Jessie loves to stand. Her face lights up when she does. She is getting a little more sure footed and can stand up holding on to something (without parent support). Last night she even took some steps while holding my fingers. She doesn't seem to want to pursue crawling. I'm not worried either way.. she will figure out what works for her when she is ready.

Big sister Jamie adores her. Though, not a good idea to turn your back on them. Jamie's hugs can border on tackling and she always wants to hold her hands with every germ known to man on them. That's a little tough for me. The other day I stepped out of the room for less than a minute and Jamie was bouncing her a little too hard in the bouncy. Yep, don't recommend leaving a five year old with a baby. Jamie loves to have her around though, she likes to help give her baths, change her, and sometimes feed her.

Oh.. and how could I forget... teeth.. we are standing strong with our one bottom tooth. I'm sure more are on their way. Along those lines, she loves to eat. She will eat nearly any of the jars we give her and anything that you can mash up on your plate. She also enjoys toast.. and anything you will let her put in her mouth. She watches everyone eat and appears to be studying. She also likes to have her own spoon when she eats. She will take up to two (size 2) jars of food a day (usually 1.5). She nurses 3-5 times a day with me and I'm lucky if she will take any milk at all at school. We got all excited yesterday because she drank 3 oz. This doesn't seem right to me, but everyone tells me since she looks healthy not to worry about it.

I'm starting to buy 12 months clothes and they fit. She is a big little girl but somehow it seems just right.

She makes us all very happy and we are a better family for having her in it.

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Jennifer said...

Happy 8 month birthday Jessie!