Monday, December 29, 2008

Winter Break

We packed our bags and headed to Kansas last week. We where taking our annual winter trip to see Jeff's family. Luckily Jeff's parents have most things that we would need so we didn't have to pack much more than clothes. We had great plane rides both directions. This may be our last easy flight with Jessie. I imagine next time she will want to run around. Jessie had her worst cold yet which had me freaking out. I was away from our pediatrician (though I called and he called me back on Christmas. nice. I told him merry Christmas because that's what everyone seems to say, he didn't say it back which made me think... hmm he's probably Jewish..oops next time I should keep to the happy holidays). Even though I had talked to him I still took her in to urgent care because I wasn't going to feel better until someone listened to her lungs and looked at her ears. We where given antibiotics for her ears. She hates taking medicine but her body seems to tolerate it better than Jamie did.

Anyway... we all had a great time. Jamie loves this time of year.

Though, it is nice to have my kids back to their bed time routines. I depend on it.

Jessie's third tooth broke through. They seem to be coming fast and furious.

Jamie just loves to play with her sister. She loves that she can make her laugh and is in her face every chance she gets... I wish the car was bigger..

Jessie is starting to wave which is really cool. She seems like she is really close to crawling and really enjoys standing... though.. I wouldn't be surprised if we still had to wait awhile for that stuff. (fine with me)

I will try to post pictures soon. Jeff took some nice pictures and I just have to figure out if we have made them small enough to put them on the blog.


Mike said...

If you download you can upload to your favorites from the camera directly to your blog and it will automatically re-size them all for web pages.

Mama Bree said...

I can't wait to see how much Jessie has grown! I feel like it's been ages!! I can't believe she's already waving - seriously I don't think Logan learned that until a couple months ago it seems, and even then, it's hit or miss if he'll actually wave good bye to you now. ;-)