Wednesday, March 25, 2009

games that Jessie plays

Well, I know I mentioned before that Jessie thinks it's a fun game that she comes up to me and stands and waits for me to clap. Now, (it's so cute) she comes up to me and stands and then she claps for herself. I love it. On the other hand.. the yin and the yang.. there are games that I don't love. Jessie has found a game ( I guess running to the tv is not enough anymore), she crawls as fast as she can (away from me) cracking up in anticipation and grabs the first spec of something she finds on the floor, she throws it in to her mouth. She smiles and laughs to watch me try and dive for her hand to prevent her from putting who knows what in her mouth. sigh.. not a game I love.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Robert has taken to the fun game of putting dog hair in his mouth... lovely... ;)