Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Officially Walking!

I think I can say now that Jessie is officially walking. For the past few weeks she has been able to take a couple steps, but nowwww, she walks all day. She is so proud of herself and of course she is impossible to hold because she wants to go down and walk. I'm trying to get her used to shoes because most place aren't very good for bare little feet. I can tell though, that switching her back and forth between shoes and bare feet throws her off a little. I'm sure she will get it in no time. Sometimes she holds her hand out for you to hold her hand it's cute, but she does it because she can walk faster that way. Not so cute.. sometimes she doesn't want to walk the direction you want her too and she throws a big fit about it.


Jennifer said...

Yay Jessie!!!

Mama Bree said...

wow that's awesome!! what a great milestone!! :)